A different kind of Candidate … A different kind of Campaign

The Campaign is no longer active, suspended in June 2022. Final Press Release. But you can still learn about our “former” candidate for US Congress in Northern, Central & Western, NY.

  • Update Spring 2023 – John used to support Donald Trump, that is no longer true. “Trump may have some good ideas, but he is a potty-mouth and that’s not good for a US President; however, neither is the senility of Biden (an even worse defect). Hopefully Republicans will nominate a better candidate. If not and it’s another Biden v. Trump rematch, I’d have to support Trump.”
  • First Press Release – Nice one page summary of our campaign from Sep 1.
    Redistricting, May 21 – Musical Political Chairs in our District?
  • Who is he? See a brief bio page, from childhood to today. He’s been thru it…
  • Why is he running? What motivated him to take this step?
  • What does he stand for? Click to see how he feels about important issues.
  • Simple & short videos – What makes him a different kind of Candidate and a good choice!