Controversy: John Murtari a Bernie Sanders supporter?

If you examine the policies John believes in and stands for — you’d be right to think he and Bernie Sanders are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Hard to believe he’d be accused of being a Socialist? But take a few facts, and miss or ignore others, and controversy happens…

A reporter researched…

And noted in a story that John Murtari had made four small contributions to Benie’s Sanders campaign during the primary season in 2016.

Before the story ran, the Campaign was not asked for any clarification.

The Campaign then did a search on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website. Results for the last five years don’t show contributions John claimed to have made to his local Congressman John Katko(R)?

John pulled the old ‘paper’ statements…

John knew he’d contributed to both Trump and Katko. Took some time to go thru old CC statements and find the other contributions.

They were there.

But why contribute to Bernie….

Briefly, from John, “The contributions did occur. Those contributions to Bernie were part admiration of his ‘honesty’ and part to keep him in the DEM primary. No part of them represents support for his political agenda. We are pretty far apart!

The full details on how it happened:

Back in 2016 I was paying attention to the Democratic debates. I got invited for dinner to a cousin’s home and her daughter, late 20’s, was there. I asked her about the race and who she liked, the answer was, “I feel the Bern..” — a lot of young people liked Bernie. I asked her “Why?”, because he was a straight-shooter… it made me think.

Next time I paid more attention to him and I realized, “This guy is a flaming communist/socialist”, but unlike the other candidates who are just saying what we want to hear and not being honest, old man Bernie is saying exactly what he wants to do…

I didn’t agree at all with his positions, but had to admire his honesty. Of all the people on that stage, he was the only one I would trust as a neighbor or friend. Also they kept talking about contributions, etc… and I made some small donations to him for that reason, and also, I was hoping he might mess up Hillary and I knew he would lose the general election.

I’d forgotten about all that. Recently a reporter pulled the FEC contributions, a total of $70, made up of four small ones in 2016…

After what I’ve been thru in my life, and I’ve got a friends on FB who know me well, I’m not a big fan of more government, about as far from social/communist as you can be. But I still admire Bernie’s honesty, and that’s part of what my campaign is about. Tell people the truth and what you really stand for.

Also, I wished the reporter had asked me about that, and also several other folks who just started making assumptions. I don’t like the ‘cancel’ culture, we simply look at what someone said or did, potentially years ago, and never ask for ‘intent’ or ‘why’….

So, that’s about it and the truth. The one belief Bernie and I share is perhaps honesty with the voters….. unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be contagious in DC!!!😀

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