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It’s critical to have some back & forth with the people you want to represent. You can check some recent activity below, both comments/questions and my responses. NOTE: Facebook does a lot of comment ‘filtering’ – normally it defaults to what their computers feel is ‘Most Relevant’…. You can change the option to show ‘All’.

Rittenhouse, Racism, & Social Justice

We need Members of Congress to lead and bring us together. Two big surprises for me: We give a Black President two terms and have a popular First Lady. Now we learn we’re a country of racists. I’m told Rittenhouse is a vigilante shooting at innocent people — and I learn none of that was true.

How’d it happen, how do we fix it?

Posted 11/27/21 – read/comment here.

Term Limits – The Best Fix for Better Government

After Franklin Roosevelt had four terms as President, Congress amended the Constitution to a two term limit — Almost all the problems we see with politicians: corruption, insensitivity, out-of-touch, and cronyism occur after numerous terms in office. It’s not about serving you, but staying in power.

Let’s get back to -> It’s not your job for life, but an opportunity to serve, and then make room for someone else.

Posted 11/19/21 – read/comment here.

The National Debt

We’ve all seen numbers: budget: $3,820,000,000,000, tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000, current debt: $29,271,000,000,000

Relate it to your family budget (REMOVE 8 zeroes from each number):

Annual family income: $21,700
Annual family expenditures: $38,200
Outstanding balance on credit cards: $292,710

Ouch! How long can we spend money we don’t have? We hear calls for FREE college, FREE daycare, more tax CREDITS. How much and how do we decide?

Posted 10/23/21 – read/comment here.

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