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It’s critical to have some back & forth with the people you want to represent. You can check some recent activity below, both comments/questions and my responses. NOTE: Facebook does a lot of comment ‘filtering’ – normally it defaults to what their computers feel is ‘Most Relevant’…. You can change the option to show ‘All’.

Covid Data Reporting

Much heard on ‘number of cases.’ Did you know how low death rates were? Info from the UK (137,000 daily cases, 73 deaths) and our CDC, Is this more a religious war over beliefs, than facts? Give citizens honest information and let them decide.

We’ve heard of high numbers hospitalized, but one small detail. Were they in the hospital ‘because’ of covid, or ‘with’ covid. New York released numbers that answer the question — almost 50% of hospital admissions were NOT because of covid and then they tested positive. We need to know these things to make proper decisions.

Posted 1/3/22 – read/comment here.

Meets with
Moms for Liberty
Wayne County

Many are concerned about our schools and children. I highly encourage you to join Moms for Liberty, A rapidly growing group nationwide with a Chapter in Wayne County, visit their Facebook page: (and yes, Dads are also welcome!)

Had a chance to go to one of their recent meetings. Great people! You can read the details in the post below. Some key thoughts from me and your comments are welcome:

1) Many recall the old “Parents & Teachers Association/PTA” – we have unique, but separate roles.

2) I compared the number of students/staff in my ’74 Lyons Yearbook vs. 2020. 1974 – 650 students / 53 staff (12 students/staff member)2020 – 375 students / 77 staff (5 students/staff member)

Taxes increase every year and staff never gets smaller. Too much control comes from Albany/Washington and the local power of School Boards and Parents has been greatly diminished.Adjustments are needed, more parental involvement and more school choice.

Posted 2/2/22 – read/comment here

Challenging new 24th District Lines

Our State Constitution says Congressional districts “… shall be as compact in form as practicable.” How do career politicians ignore that and create this bizarre map? Yes, both sides do it, but it needs to stop.

We, as citizens, need to make our voices heard. Let’s not shrug our shoulders and give up on making things better.I’m planning to challenge it in Court, looking for a good independent attorney to file a petition locally in Wayne County State Supreme Court.

This attempt to manipulate boundaries has a clear goal to create a disadvantage so the voice of the people will be smothered. The new map puts rural voters ‘away’ from any city areas. It wouldn’t be tolerated if based on ‘race’, and should not be allowed based on voting history. It meets the dictionary definition of gerrymandering.

Posted 2/4/22 – read/comment here

Delivering a first class Superbowl dinner to the homeless

John Murtari has spent the last six years hosting a first class Super Bowl party for the homeless at the Syracuse Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter. This year the men enjoyed a catered meal from the Limp Lizard Bar & Grill: BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, potato salad, baked beans, cornbread, soft drinks, cookies, and fruit.

The men appreciated the food and the shelter staff, along with John, helped in passing it out. John commented, “The folks that work here are saints! It takes a lot of patience and love to work with men who are struggling with life. The shelter doesn’t have the budget to supply regular meals, they rely on help from the community. Some individuals and organizations try to make a delivery one day a month.”

John’s campaign for Congress offers him an opportunity to encourage others to get involved. This shelter, and many others, needs both food and volunteer support365 days a year. It’s a great experience, because he does believe “the most cost effective, personal, satisfying, and impactful social program is what we do for each other. Not because we have to, or are getting paid to, but because we want to.”

Posted 2/15/22 – read/comment here.

Russia invades Ukraine

We can’t tolerate the actions of dictators: Putin in Russia and Xi in China. Yes, we’re not the world’s police. We can’t settle every small dispute between nations. But we can’t allow major powers to invade neighbors. Why?

See the little history lesson farther down in this posting on the lead-up to World War II. Total deaths over 50 million!Every excuse used now to avoid a significant response, was used then — how’d that work out for all involved?

How do we act now?-

No, sending American combat forces. It could trigger a much larger conflict.

Yes, isolating Russia from world trade, air travel, etc… as a pariah. Completely exclude them from SWIFT (international bank transactions).You may have heard of ‘tough’ SWIFT sanctions, but they want to allow Russian energy exports (their main source of income) to continue. That would be a bit too painful for the businesses and people in other nations. We ‘stand with you’, but not too much. We don’t want to ‘feel your pain?”

THE LEAD-UP TO WORLD WAR II (I remember learning this in history class. Do your kids know it now?)
March 1933 – Hitler is voted as Dictator of Germany. Dachau, the first concentration camp is completed (first populated by homeless, alcoholics). Germans are told to boycott Jewish businesses.

September 1935 – Nuremberg Laws in Nazi Germany – providing the legal framework for the systematic persecution of Jews.

March 1936 – German troops enter the Rhineland, violating prior treaty. Public opinion in Britain/France oppose any armed response.

August 1936 – Hitler hosts the Summer Olympics in Berlin. France, Britain, and the United States send teams. Not a single nation boycotts the games.

March 1938 – Hitler forces Austria to become part of Germany.

Sep 1938 – France and Britain agree to appease Hitler, allow him to annex the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, states, “I believe it is peace for our time”March 1939 – Germany begins conquest of remaining Czechoslovakia.

Sep 1939 – Germany/Russia invade Poland – official start of World War 2

Apr 1940 – Hitler controls Denmark/Norway

June 1940 – Hitler controls Netherlands, Belgium, France surrenders

June 1940 – Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister – Many in Britain feel they stand no chance against the Nazis. – He refuses to negotiate a peace treaty. Inspires the public. Carries on the war alone.

July 1940 – Hitler starts air assault on Great Britain1939

Dec 1941 : Strong anti war movement in United States, lend/lease to Britain.

December 1941 – After Pearl Harbor, America finally enters the war against Germany.Worldwide

Casualties ( estimated total of 70–85 million people perished, or about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion).[1] Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilian fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine.

Posted 2/27/22 – read/comment here.

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