Murtari hopes to bring civil discourse back as he runs for Congress in NY-24

This ran on Feb 17,2022 in the Watertown Daily Times, read the entire story here.
A brief excerpt follows:

As he runs for the new 24th District, Mr. Murtari said he wants to stand out as an independent, honest and forthright man of the people.

“A theme of my campaign, it’s a different kind of candidate, a different campaign,” he said. “I’m doing a commitment to honesty and to speaking forthrightly with folks.”

He said he doesn’t believe the behavior of former President Trump was appropriate, but said his policies were always right-on and necessary.

Mr. Murtari said he’s concerned about the level of vitriol and division coming from Washington. He said he blames current elected officials for fanning the flames of division.

“My thing is, two intelligent people can look at the same set of facts but draw different conclusions based on their life and experiences,” he said. “Let’s talk it over, let’s understand it, but let’s stop condemning each other.”

Mr. Murtari is the son of Italian immigrants who settled in Lyons, roughly equidistant between Rochester and Syracuse. He said he had a simple upbringing there, entrenched in the small-town lifestyle .….more

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