Draft District lines for NY24 still distorted.

John submits comments to Judge McAllister.

Click here to read the entire text of his letter, submitted both to Judge McAllister and the Special Master, Jonathan Cervas. A brief summary below.

“I’m a Cum Laude graduate of the Air Force Academy with a Bachelors in Astronautical Engineering and also have a Masters in Computer Science. I’ve been active in social/justice issues my entire life → https://VoteCitizenJohn.Com/about-john In many ways I’m the classic ‘little guy’ facing huge obstacles. I don’t ask for any special advantage, but just a level playing field…..

I’m familiar with computer analysis algorithms. The programmer and management have to decide which factors are most important, and how items are weighted. It appears the draft placed a high priority on keeping entire counties within the same district. This may have caused the 24th to still be one of the most distorted districts. I hope that can be adjusted.

…. The result is a very rural, Republican district, with a one-sided general election in November. Perhaps the factors can be tuned to reduce county integrity, but still keep individual towns and cities intact. I hope that would generate more compact districts.

As a small candidate, extended geographic areas are difficult to overcome. The result of metro-focused and rural districts allows for one-sided elections. It also reduces the opportunity for real dialog with both sides of an issue during a campaign. We need more civil discourse.

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