How to get paid

We appreciate everyone helping with the signature gathering process. It is difficult when you don’t have a lot of party support. Here are more details to insure everyone gets paid for the work they contribute:

  • After you give your first several signature on a petition, take a picture of the page, and email it to our petition coordinator. Wait for him to review it and confirm the formatting is correct.
  • Once you have completed a page (20 signatures) please mail it to us using Priority Mail and email our coordinator the tracking info. The address is:
    Murtari for Congress
    34 Franklin St.
    Lyons, NY 14489
  • Once it is received, we’ll review for accuracy within 7 days (and also do some spot checks for valid signatures). We’ll then send you a check of $5 for each valid signature and also pay for the postage you used to send it to us.
  • April 1st is the ABSOLUTE deadline for mailing any petitions.

Please, contact our petition coordinator if you have any questions or call the Campaign at 315-044-0999.