Our Committee

Running a Campaign is a lot of work and it requires dedicated people. Starting with just a few key people, but we hope to add many more individuals and get a broad spectrum from our area. Interested in helping, contact us!

Campaign Chair: Andrew DeWolf

Born and raised in Lyons and Clyde NY to David DeWolf and Kathleen Tobin. Protestant Christian. Lifelong Conservative/Libertarian. Proud descendant of Dutch/Irish/German/English Immigrants who helped fight for and build America as far back as 1676 in Connecticut.

Worked farms growing up. Graduated Clyde Savannah Jr/Sr High School in 1996. Went to school for Computer Science at Alfred State, flunked out and learned life a while. Former Interior Firefighter/Rescue Ops/EMT with Clyde Fire Department and Ambulance.  EMT since 1996, EMT-Paramedic since 2004, Valedictorian of Finger Lakes Community College Paramedic Class of 2004, AAS-Paramedic with Honors in 2018.

Happily married with three children and a wonderful supportive wife Kirsta. One of 5 founding members of OneLyons group which successfully dissolved the Village of Lyons NY and set statewide case law on citizen standing to sue government still being used today.

Official EMT-Paramedic Whistleblower under NYS Civil Service Law 75-b fighting still for accountability and integrity in government, equal rights for all.

Believe deeply in the Bill of Rights and it’s further promises under the 14th Amendment on equality under law for all Americans.  Proud to serve and help elect John Murtari in his grassroots campaign for Congress as I believe his is a classic archetypal example of a US Citizen and the ideals of America that we were raised to believe in and support. 

Secretary/Treasure: James Wedman

Life long resident of Lyons. Graduate of Lyons Central School, worked couple years on State Canal on a tugboat, worked Parker and Borden’s in Lyons.

A few other short term jobs then 27 years on Wayne County Highway as Equipment operator. While at Hwy joined the union and held many different positions such as unit/local voter, unit president, negotiator, steward and grievance rep.

I serve on several town committees including zoning board of appeals and board of assessment review. I represent the town on the county planning board. I also serve on Wayne Pre-trial Comm, I belong to a classic car club, Lyons Roda & Gun club, S.C.O.P.E.

I sub teach at Lyons School. Love traveling, boating, scuba diving, shooting sports. Candidate for town council to try to fix problems in Lyons. Also certified NYS peace officer and process server.