This is genuine grass-roots campaign. John is not independently wealth and works part time. Right now we can really use the help. Scan the list below for some ideas. Every position we have is listed and some are currently filled, but we’d still like to have folks in reserve if sudden staff changes happen.

You can review who John is and what he stands for. 100% agreement is not necessary (or an advantage). Hearing different voices and opinions is critical. All we ask is some belief in the overall effort.

If you’re seriously interested, contact us.

  • Campaign Manager: A very import role and some political experience is a must. Really need to be in local area. A paid position (depending on our contributions!).
  • Treasurer: The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires comprehensive financial reporting from campaigns. This is easily a work from home, but good knowledge of spreadsheets and computer usage is a must. A paid position (depending on our contributions!).
  • Public/Media Relations: Great to have someone who feels confidant in talking to the news media, trying to get interviews, asking them to report a story, and responding to questions.
  • Answer Emails: We have a contact form on the site and want to insure folks get timely replies (48 hrs). Good language/writing skills are important and comfort with email. Easy work from home.
  • Social Media: If you’re a pro at Facebook or Twitter, we have a presence on both, and welcome help with monitoring and responding to folks.
  • Respond to phone calls: We’d like to have real dialog with folks and accept incoming calls. Many will go to voicemail. This is another work from home. Perfect person has a lot of patience, understanding of some political issues, and can dialog with someone with an opposing view in a FRIENDLY manner!
  • General Volunteer: There are always tasks to be done from visiting local political committees to doing on-line research and analysis. Just let us know what your skills are, what you might like to do.