Why am I running?

Concern over where our Country is heading….

Throughout our history there have always been strong disagreements on issues of National Policy, but we’ve always valued personal liberty and free speech. Something seems very different now:

  • Family/Friend Divisions – I recall the old advice, “don’t talk about politics or religion at Thanksgiving dinner.” But it shouldn’t result in hatred. I know several situations (and you probably know some) where people have STOPPED TALKING: between friends, siblings, parents and children. It’s a tragedy!
  • Domination instead of Conversion – Remember this old guidance, “praise in public, punish in private.” Not anymore. I watch work training videos where someone made a joke that some currently feel is offensive. The ‘approved solution’ was to immediately reprimand that individual with others present, embarrass them in the name of ‘zero tolerance’.

    This is how ‘totalitarian’ regimes in the past have handled dissent.
  • Free Speech – I recall at the USAF Academy being told, “Free speech is protected in Russia, but if you say something ‘wrong’, then you must be mentally ill and need rehabilitation. Others are stopped from hearing your thoughts.” LET’S NOT GO THAT WAY HERE.

    I’ve seen my comments disappear on Facebook; or have them ‘add’ clarification to a posting. I’m a Senior Software Engineer and all this is being done by computers, looking for certain words/phrases in what you say. Then potentially making it disappear, or a delay for a ‘human’ check. Is this what we want?
  • Personal Liberty – The freedom to make decisions about how you live your life. Yes, we live in community, and our decisions can impact others. But… we need to be careful where demands are made. I appreciate the knowledge/advice that Science can bring, but I don’t want it to rule my life.


“A return to “Civil Discourse” – the recognition and acceptance that two intelligent, caring, and loving people can look at the same set of objective facts … and yet make different conclusions based on their personal life experiences.