Who is Citizen John?

Here’s a picture gallery that takes you thru his life, in his words. You can click on the images for larger. If you’re looking for a brief resume, click here.

John with his parents. First Communion.


Born 1956 in Lyons, NY, to Italian Immigrants and loving parents. My Dad swung a sledge-hammer on the railroad. 64 when I was born. On Social Security, no car, and we didn’t have a phone till about 6th grade.

My bike had a big basket. When things were needed my folks would give me the money, I’d ride to the local store, and shop.

I was ACTIVE! I had the attention span of a parakeet… All my Elementary School report cards said, “Johnny talks to much!” I learned to control it. It helped to tire myself outdoors, playing with friends. Thank God drugs like ritalin hadn’t been invented. I could have been the poster boy for ADHD. Who would I be now?

My Dad started a new life when I was born, my mom was 40. A lot of people thought my Mom would never have a child. She miscarried, lost a child during delivery (breech birth), and I was their #3. They showed me Faith in the future.

John in High School.  Senior Class President.  Senior Yearbook quote: "Oh God! Thou may save me if you will, and if you will, thou may destroy me; but whether or no, I will steer my rudder true" - Montaigne

High School

Did well because I really tried. Had classmates who were a lot ‘smarter’, but simply didn’t apply themselves or found classes ‘slow’.

Didn’t know much about sports, the ‘nerd’ label was something I could achieve! Forget the ‘skill’ sports, I got into Track, running I could do!

I learned to think for myself and ‘steer my rudder true’ regardless of what others thought. I won the ‘girl’ vote for Senior Class President, Class of 1974. They thought I was most responsible!?

United States Air Force Academy

“We will not lie, steal,or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”

Fortunate to win an appointment to the Academy. Got help and encouragement from teachers and family friends. I majored in Astronautical Engineering (I wanted to be an Astronaut!).

Did some amazing things. Went to Fort Benning and completed Army Airborne. Made five jumps and put the wings on. I think two were with my eyes closed! I’ll never voluntarily jump out of a plane again.

I graduated “Cum Laude”, 72nd in a class of 981 cadets. Maybe I had some smarts!

Photo was taken at Graduation in 1978. I was so happy to have my Mom & Dad there — he was 86! So many think their lives are over at 50.

Air Force Pilot ’78-’82

Columbus AFB, Mississippi. Again, fortunate to do well in pilot training, had a great instructor.

Selected to be an Instructor Pilot in the T-37 jet. A 30% washout rate and I remembered the pressure we all felt as students. I read my students the ‘riot act’, made sure they studied. Happy to say I never had a student who didn’t complete the program.

The plan was to move on to fighters, Masters degree in Astronautics, and apply for NASA …

We all have plans…. and then things change, we need to decide, and it can be hard — very hard!

Care for Mom & Dad

May have been a “Rocket Scientist”, but was slow to figure out my parents needed me. While at the Academy they lived on the outskirts of town and had to walk for groceries, with heavy snow in the winter! They never said a word.

In pilot training, I moved them down over the winter into a separate apartment. My mom brought her Singer sewing machine. The guys loved her. She’d sew patches on their flight suits for nothing with next day service!

As an instructor, they lived with me during the winter. I discovered my Dad had prostate cancer after seeing blood in the toilet.

In 1982 my Mom told me Papa (now 90) wasn’t coming to Mississippi next winter, he wanted to stay home. His vision and hearing were failing, that was where he felt comfortable….. what do I do?

My Dad needed surgery. Take leave, drive to NY, 18 hours split over two days. I can remember coming back to MS, sitting on my front steps, exhausted, and with tears in my eyes …. What am I going to do? Winter is coming!

  • Live my own life – A friend told me to ‘move on.’ They had their life – time for you to live yours! Your father is being unreasonable.
  • Humanitarian reassignment – My flight commander, Les, had sympathy. His wife was an officer in the base personnel office. I could get a reassignment, just sign paper work that says it’s a short term condition and will be resolved within 18 months…. but that wasn’t true. They were very nice, “John it’s OK to fib, you’re just trying to take care of your parents. A lot of people do it…” I couldn’t.
  • Give up your Wings – The Air Force didn’t have Human Resources (HR), they had Resource Management (RM)…. and just as friendly! My ‘RM’ told me I was a pilot and had to fly. Couldn’t give me a non-flying assignment closer to home. Over time things got ‘heated’… I was told “give up the wings” and we can do something. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but I put in the paperwork. Turned down.
  • Pray – I was raised Catholic, went to Church every Sunday. Rediscovered Faith in the tough Academy environment (there are no atheists in fox holes!). I started carrying a Rosary in one of my flight suit pockets, coming home, I’d park my motorcycle near the Catholic Church and go in to think/pray….
  • Go AWOL – Didn’t need USAF permission for that. It was getting into August/September and I was running out of choices. Winter is coming! Talked with Les, “I’m running out of options, come November, I’m packing up and leaving for home. The Air Force can Court Martial me, but the situation is nuts.”
  • An Act of Congress – God Bless my former Congressman, Frank Horton, of Rochester, NY. He’d nominated me and every summer had a lunch for all his cadets. I knew his secretary, Rose. Around October I called, explained the situation, and asked for help.

Later that month I was at a remote airfield, controlling traffic with a good friend (hi Tim Taylor!). The phone rings, it’s the Personnel Center, and they want to talk. “Captain Murtari, we have a position as an Operations Officer for a Recruiting Squadron in Syracuse, NY. Would you take the assignment?” The rest is history. I just checked my logbook, my last flight with a student was Nov 1, 1982.

3513th USAF Recruiting Squadron ’82-’84

Learned a lot as Operation Officer. My first ‘office job’. Fortunate to work with some great NCOs (guys with a bunch of stripes on their shoulders!). They set a good example and also confirmed some of the principles I’d been taught: Pursuit of excellence, honesty, and taking care of the team.

I also saw the first hand effects of: cliques, lying, favoritism, cutting corners, what’s in it for me, and not caring. Hard for me to navigate, but again, having those Senior NCOs (hi CMSgt Roy Leo and SMSgt Gene Rathfon!) kept me straight. The power of good examples.

We did well. Came in first place in competition with 10 other squadrons. Liked to think I helped with that. And yes, a good situation with my folks, only an hour drive away, visited them on weekends or for Doctor visits.

Education ’85-’87

Out of the military, what’s next? Take a step back, “John, how was your love life? Finding your soulmate? Easy for jet pilot?” — Well, it stunk! A comedy of errors, mis-steps, and regrets. Almost 30 and single. Maybe it’s a ‘sign’? Have you thought about “God’s Team?”

Spent six months in a pre-seminary program at Aquinas House in Syracuse. Went thru a lot of pre-screening and started the process while still in uniform. I remember visiting the house as a USAF Captain, wings on my chest — and I was introduced to some special guests: The Plowshare Seven, who’d beat up a bomber at Griffis Air Force Base. Peace & Love. They didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t fight the police (quite the opposite of what you see now-a-days). Had to admire them for their dedication, even though I wondered about the method.

Earned enough hours for a Minor in Philosophy at Le Moyne College. Great experience. Got to meet some good Priests and saw pastoral care: visiting senior citizens at the Loretto Nursing home and the homeless at the Oxford Inn, started by a few idealistic college kids (hi Mike Sullivan, Mike Millholland, and Henry!). I still help out at the shelter now.

Flipped my attitude about gays. One day we had some guest speakers who were going to talk about gay issues. We just sat down together and a woman right next to me began, “Hi, I’m Chris Morningforest and I’m a Lesbian” – wow, I was shocked. She talked, we asked a lot of ‘frank’ questions, and I began to understand. It wasn’t a ‘choice’ it was a ‘nature’.

Always wanted a family, much like my Dad. Celibacy was going to be a battle I couldn’t win. Learned a lot, but not my vocation. What’s next?

Sent out resumes. Found out no on hires an engineer with a degree that’s 7 years old and never worked. Running out of money, needed a Masters, but Syracuse is an expensive school.

Signed up for Computer Science. Walking the department halls over the summer, the deputy chair sees me, “Murtari!, can you teach APL to undergrads? We’ll make you a grad assistant. Classes are free and we pay you a stipend.” Again, fortunate, the right place at the right time.

Life isn’t fair. Humbled when I meet people who didn’t have the luck, wrong place at the wrong time. Things happen and there is a huge impact. Life is altered. How do respond? I try to be generous. People wonder why. I tell them, “I’ve been fortunate, I try to share and help. If I don’t, I’ll choke on my own good fortune.”

A Real Job(s) ’87-’95

I’d arrived. Got married & had a good job. Life was simple: raise a family, work 9-5, and retire. Had a SECRET clearance, defense contractors paid well. What could go wrong – everything!

I’ll skip what you already know: working in cubicles, coworker personalities, office politics, crazy schedules, bosses who don’t know you, cliques, lay offs, and ‘shorting’ the customer.

Navigated most, but that last one, tricking the customer – got me! I will try to be discrete.

“The Emperor has no clothes.” – A foreign military customer wanted things a certain way. The company tried to trick them. Everyone knew thru the grape vine. At a ‘Cheer! Cheer!’ meeting with about 50 staff/engineers, a big leader was telling us how great we were in ethics and honesty and customer first.

I raised my hand, stood up, and loudly said, “But everyone here knows we tried to trick the ‘XXX’, they caught us, and got mad… what about that?” I was promised an ‘investigation’ and not much happened. I realized I’d cooked my career there.

Some younger engineers had started their own company (hi Dennis Buchovecky!) and had asked me to join them… I finally said yes. A couple of good couple of years. Saw the small business environment, but just didn’t pay enough. Went back to the ‘big boys.’

“Whistleblower – you’re fired!” – Got a Senior Analyst job testing the Fire Control System of a Nuclear Attack Submarine. Myself and another(hi Rick L.!), working as contractors, and tests weren’t going well. We also realize false results were being submitted to the government. Tried to encourage mgmt to address the issue, nothing. We both had families. I was former military, he was not.

I finally told him, “Look, 5 years from now if something fails on these subs, I don’t want to hear about my name on the test reports. No need for both of us to complain, I’ll take care of it.”

Spoke with the person monitoring testing, “Look, either you get straight with Mitre or I’m going to the DoD IG.” I was FIRED by my contracting company the next day.

Without a lot of detail here, the gov’t investigated and confirmed the allegations. The US Attorneys office got involved (hi Mr. Olmstead!), but then it just dropped. I assume the customer really wanted the product and a media story wouldn’t help, perhaps more testing was done. I don’t know.

Back to 1994 – Campaign for Congress

Our son, Domenic, was a year old. Saw “Schindler’s List” and our capability for cruelty hit home. The film is black & white — except, occasionally “The Little Girl in the Red Coat” would appear. An innocent doing what she’s told: following her parents, standing in lines, in the concentration camp.

“Let no one pacify his conscience by the delusion he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to achieve their goals, than that good men should look on and do nothing. — John Stuart Mill (1867).

I thought about giving back, how fortunate I’d been, and I started a run for Congress – As a Democrat in Onondaga County! Had to withdraw as my personal life collapsed, but tried to pay my dues and appreciation. Became the Democratic Chair for the Town of Lysander, we ran a candidate for Town office, but lost – learned a lot.

Yes, used to believe in ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ …. Until I realized for many that meant, “Let the village raise your child, we can do better, what makes you think a child needs both parents?”

FUNNY THING ABOUT LIFE – things can always get worse! ’95-’98

The first time in my life, FIRED! Family, mortgage payments, and no job. I really scrambled. Got a job as an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at a local community college (OCC). It paid ‘enough’. I really enjoyed teaching.

I’d ‘burned my bridges’ with the big defense contractors and it’s never pleasant to honestly answer the interview question, “Why did you leave your last job?” when you’ve been FIRED. I realized for my seniority, company ethics would be an issue. I’d been bitten twice.

My experience at the startup made me feel I could start my own company and be my own boss. Software Workshop Incorporated was born in 1995, office in the basement of our home. I still did teaching on the side.

BRIGHT SIDE of FIRED- Home a lot and loved doing the Daddy stuff with Domenic. We did so much together. I had fond memories of my Dad (he passed away at the age of 97 in 1989). Wrestling with him as he sat in his big chair watching ‘Bonanza’.

WHAT MADE IT WORSE? DIVORCE! My spouse wanted out after 8 years of marriage, our son was about 2 at the time.

Tough what to say, details, but one thing real clear given today’s scandal culture: No drinking, no drugs, no domestic violence, no yelling …. it happens, we grew apart (and I’m not sure how much we were ever ‘together’). Things both of us could have done a lot better, let’s call it 50/50 issues, definitely unfortunate.

LOVE MAKES YOU CRAZY! May have been a ‘rocket scientist’ but I still laugh when I look at our courtship and the few ‘warning signs’. Don’t laugh, it’s true, no exaggeration!

We fell in love, the birds were singing for many months, BUT … her folks practically millionaires, mine not-so-much… her parents disapproved, mine adored her… she moved back home ‘for a while’… long distance relationship was a disaster … I visited, brought a ring, we got engaged…. long distance arguments … she sent the ring back with Cracker Jacks… I begged her visit one more time…. she came, we reconciled, ring back on… she went back, more arguments…. I wrote her, told her forget about it, just wasn’t working … she called me, pleaded, I’m leaving my parents, coming back to you, let’s make it work …. she came back… still didn’t seem to work, I told her we should give up… she said we should try… I thought of “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”… went for it, nice Church Wedding, but still had doubts….

YES, I’D STILL DO IT AGAIN! No regrets about my decision. I’d try to do better.

YOUR LIFE IS A FAST JET FLYING, DON’T HESITATE WITH DECISIONS Sorry, but let me share one thought about life I learned from flying jets. Decide. Biggest problem for a pilot, especially students, ‘what do I do now?’ Students delay, but that plane is still moving at hundreds of miles/hour. Still going some place and taking them with it. Experienced pilots hesitate, caution lights are blinking, “I don’t have all the information, I need more facts, more time….”

TRUE STORY: T-38 Talon just after take-off, afterburners roaring, both engine fire lights come on/blink off. Pilot begins a turn. Tries to stop the roll. HE CAN’T. He commands ‘Eject!’ at about 45 degrees of bank (survives). The other pilot hesitates a few seconds. Tries to stop the roll. Ejects going past 90 degrees of bank (dead).

What to do about Job, Relationship, Medical procedure, Life? NEVER FORGET, your life is moving fast, other opportunities are passing behind you, gone, potentially forever. Assess the facts, decide, and don’t have any regrets.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – ’95 – ’11

Regrets? One huge one. The unnecessary hardship and pain Domenic experienced because of the DIVORCE. It was gut-wrenching for all of us.

No, I don’t blame my former spouse. She wanted out and away. With funding from her parents, she had the best Divorce Lawyer in the City, me, no job — relied on public defenders or just trying to do it myself (pro se).

“Mr. Murtari, you’ll see your son every other weekend” – First appearance in front of a Judge, no real facts, how easy the words came out of his mouth. I went home devastated and in unbelief. My education in the ‘Family Law system’ was just beginning.

At work – “You guys take care of the business, I’ve got time with my son.” The company ranged from 1 – 4 employees. I couldn’t pay much, hired new grads. Told them, “I’m a senior engineer, I’ll give you hands on training, a solid line on your resume — just stay with me for a few years.” It worked out well, almost all moved on to better paying jobs. They took care of the things as my “visitation” schedule changed, or holidays/summer vacation occurred.

Spent every minute available with my son, playing outside, DIY projects around the house, working in the garden. My mother was in her 80s – her Grandson was her great joy! He wanted stability and I did everything I could to give him support. Even a series of Judges and Professionals realized how close we were. Got more holiday time. Solid blocks of 4 weeks in the summer (you could almost forget about DIVORCE and be family).


Already fired by the time my wife filed for Divorce and Court proceedings began. Working as an adjunct professor and starting the business. The Judge decided my ‘support’ level would be based on my pay as a Senior Engineer with a defense contractor — paid some, but began to fall behind. Time & time again I asked for changes – denied.

RELOCATION WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI – devastating. Dom was five. Plenty of good colleges in New York. My former spouse and her attorney found a degree program only offered on the other side of the country. Back to “Family Court”, lost again, but even then the Judge recognized our closeness, got the Spring Break and Christmas holidays here and 6 weeks in the summer. But, only one weekend per month out West.

How to pay for all that? Plane tickets, rent a car, a ‘cabin’ so it seems like home, cook for ourselves — over $1000/trip. Summer and vacation trips to NY, he was little, I’d fly out to pick him up and bring him back, about another $1000.

“JUST PAY THE MONEY, YOU’LL SEE YOUR SON WHEN HE TURNS 18” — Words from my ‘assigned council’ in Family Court, along with: Yes, your former spouse has money. Yes, Domenic misses you, and No, I’m not researching case law for an assigned person.

I REALIZED SOMETHING about the Judges. They all thought I was lying. Making more money, hiding assets. Why? This guy is smart, owns a business, he does what most people would do – cheat! Bad thing about ‘Family Law’, no proof required. It’s all discretion.

THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I was always honest in financial disclosures. Never hid anything. Proven ‘objectively’ by the US Attorney’s office in Syracuse (hi Mr. Southwick!). I’d been fined after a peaceful demonstration on ‘Family Rights’ at the Syracuse Federal Building. Couldn’t pay it all. Received a subpoena for all my personal and Company financial records. I filled a big box, brought it all in. Reviewed by their Civil Financial auditors/examiners — no surprises. What the guy says in his statements is true.

WHY NOT GET ANOTHER JOB? Good question and people could give different answers. My son wasn’t hurting for ‘material’ goods, what he needed was my personal support as Daddy. Going back to 40hr/week would have paid havoc with our blocks of time together. Employers want you there.

My Mom was getting older, she passed away in 2006 at the age of 89. One ‘good’ thing about the DIVORCE was moving back home. It made her feel good to have me around. She cherished our time with Domenic.

The trips were expensive. I couldn’t pay her air-fare. She spent down the little money she had to see him. I took care of her at home on Hospice beginning in 2005 (she never learned English well, I was needed at her side to translate and understand, a nursing home would have been a disaster, she deserved better).

CONSCIENCE – you have to live with it. Nothing more intimate than family. No obligation more important than our children. I won’t argue if you’d have decided different, but please understand my decision. Some philosophy/theology:

Conscience is a judgment of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act that he is going to perform, is in the process of performing, or has already completed. In all he says and does, man is obliged to follow faithfully what he knows to be just and right….

Man has the right to act in conscience and in freedom so as personally to make moral decisions. “He must not be forced to act contrary to his  conscience. Nor must he be prevented from acting according to his conscience….”

It’s always darkest before the dawn! – Had a lot of support from family and friends who knew the situation and I’m forever thankful! It got bad. The “Support Calculating Computers” were very good at interest and sending statements, “please submit your payment for $125,000.00” I was punished with two jail sentences (6 months and 4 months)….

Fast Forward, College Graduation – 2016

What a proud & happy moment. Being at his College Graduation, “Magna cum Laude”, in Computer Science. How did we get there?

BACK TO THE DARK AGES – 2011. My former spouse had re-married when Dom was a Senior in high school. Dom said he was a ‘good guy.’ He saw the affection we had for each other.

I get a surprise call from Michael. “John, Dom is ready for college, wondering how you can help..” I think I laughed and told him, “Mike, my license is gone, I can’t drive, walk for groceries, I’m buried in debt, liens against the house from New York. I want to help, but it’s limited, we need to settle this whole thing…”

I’d already talked with Dom about college. Thought I could get a “Parents Plus” loan, $10,000. What was really surprising, the loan was instantly approved to a financial disaster like me. Why? The bank didn’t have any money at risk. The loan was guaranteed by YOU – the taxpayer – Thanks! & I did pay it back!

FINAL SETTLEMENT – Drew up affidavits signed by me, Domenic, and my former spouse. Settle the whole thing for a payment of $10,000 (borrowed from a relative, couldn’t get a loan on the house – thanks Phil!). No more Court Orders, no orders about college, etc…. The local “Family Court” signed off.

BACK TO WORK/NORMAL LIFE – Got a good job as a Senior Engineer for AT&T at their Labs Research. Was really able to help out for College and pay for more than my fair share of expenses.

THANK GOD, FAMILY & FRIENDS – It all worked out. I tried to stay positive thru it all, never bad-mouthed Mom with Domenic. Never thought it was her fault — our system makes litigation/dispute all too easy & rewarding. I’m sure she spent over $100,000 on legal fees – who benefited? If you’d like to read the whole story, just click here.

PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS to SUPPORT FAMILY RIGHTS – Going thru it all, again ‘you have to give back’. Bad as my situation was, I was lucky, Dom and I were never alienated thru the struggle. So many loving parents lose contact with their kids. I read a lot of history/philosophy. Tried to follow the examples of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, no need for yelling, violence – demonstrate the depths of your beliefs by loving self-sacrifice. Won’t spend a lot of time here, started a website, and a 501(c)(4) group to work for change, visit here -> https://www.AKidsRight.Org/

People are surprised when sat I’ve been arrested and jailed over 45 times! But always in the most peaceful of activities, no yelling or struggling. In about 42 of those, the charges were completely dismissed (hi Mr. Keller, a terrific public defender!). He used to say, “John, the Judges and DA don’t know what to do with. You’re always so damn nice!” You know the old saying, “They made a Federal Case out of it.”

It happened to me, I was charged by the US Attorney (hi Mr. Southwick!) and prosecuted in the Federal system. Found me guilty of ‘minor’ offenses (again, you read more details at the website). In 2018 I felt a need to ‘pay it back’, took time off from work, and tried again. Below are two brief videos: The first shows me in typical action & a surprise ending. The second was a call to action for parents unjustly separated from their children.

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill

A few of the books I own and hopefully learned from. I have to wonder how many school aged kids even know who “Winston Churchill” is?

Political intrigue, lies, deceit, social injustice, poverty, dictators, revolutions, plagues and natural disasters — there is nothing new. How was it all overcome? Nothing new in those answers either: courage, honesty, strength, faith & love.

I have Cancer – 2020

My Dad died at 97, my Mom at 89, an Aunt at 97, another Uncle at 102 — at the age of 63 and in excellent health — I didn’t think I’d be saying the words, “I have Cancer.”

Compared to so many of you I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve know young parents who have been surprised by that news and nothing seems worse than a five year old getting that news!

Here’s my story.

  • After some hard masonry work outside I pee’d (I think that’s the medical term!) some real red blood. I almost ignored it, but decided I should call my Doc.
  • I haven’t been able to afford individual medical coverage for many years. Very fortunate to have great folks at the Syracuse VA Medical Center. It was the best benefit from my years on active duty.
  • My Doc scheduled me for a CAT scan the very next day, thought it was potential kidney stones, but a later cystoscopy showed the bladder cancer (I was awake and watching the video of my bladder. I was amazed by how beautiful the cancer looked – not what I expected!).
  • I was in surgery within a week. They ‘scrapped’ it out. Biopsy revealed a hi-grade cancer, but I was fortunate it had not spread into the bladder wall.
  • I’m currently in the following treatment: Every 3 months another cystoscopy followed by three week treatment with BCG directly into the bladder. As of August 2021, all clear!

What I learned:

  • This is much more common in men. If you pee blood, don’t ignore it! That stuff would still be growing in me. During all this time up to the present it never occurred again, I never felt any pain.
  • The importance of medical care. Wow, you know I’m sensitive to that topic. If I didn’t have VA coverage, I probably would have ignored it with terrible consequences. We need affordable and available health care for all.
  • Importance of the VA. I’ve heard horror stories. I’ve come to learn each facility has it’s own personality which often depends on the ‘commander.’ Syracuse VA is well run — they all need to be that way!

Return to Normalcy 2018’/today

It’s nice to get back to normal. I work with computers all day long as a contractor. When the day is done, I enjoy manual labor: Working in my vegetable garden (no roto-tiller, just a spade!), cooking (I learned a lot from my Italian Mama!), wine making (Learned a lot from my Papa, still have his old wine press), and some home improvement (Learned a lot from my Cousin Phil Paliotti).

I don’t have any brothers or sisters, My son, Domenic, is everything. Very proud of him! With me, he also learned about cooking, wine making, and home improvement!!!

And of course, got back to my first love, flying. Hadn’t flown for over 30 years, took a glider ride with my son at his graduation, and fell in love with it! Just pure flying, no electrical power, no hydraulics, no need for even a radio. Soar like a bird and enjoy the peace & quiet of the sky. Just earned my instructor rating for Gliders — look forward to teaching in my spare time.

Allow Me to Serve You & Our Country in Congress

The front/back of our Campaign Card. A lot of people ‘talk’ about ‘ideals’ during campaigns. I hope you can appreciate that my background, education, and experiences have prepared me well.

Like many, I’m concerned by the anger, division, partisanship, and lack of honesty I see every day. I firmly believe we can make things better.

Still under construction, 8/1/2021, hope to be done soon!