About John

For those in a hurry, a quick list of bullets below.

Click here for a more detailed first person bio to understand his life decisions, achievements, and disappointments – he’s been there like many of us!

  • Child of Italian immigrant parents, born & raised in Lyons, NY. Academic honors and Senior Class President.
  • Cum Laude Graduate of the USAF Academy, 1978. B.S. Astronautical Engineering. Went to Fort Benning and earned his Army Airborne jump wings.
  • Earned his pilot wings and became an Instructor Pilot in the T-37 jet at Columbus AFB, MS.
  • Left USAF in 1984 to care for elderly parents (John’s Dad was 64 when he was born!).
  • Completed classes at LeMoyne College for a total of 20 hrs of academic work in Philosophy while participating in a pre-seminary program for the Catholic Priesthood. Good experience, but he wanted a family.
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University, 1986.
  • Volunteer work (to present date) bringing meals to the “Oxford Inn”, now the Catholic Charities Men’s shelter in Syracuse. Recent local news video.
  • Software Engineer for General Electric, Martin Marietta.
  • Married in 1987, son Domenic born in 1993, divorced in 1998. Lived in Onondaga County.
    1994 began a run for US Congress in Syracuse (as a Democrat back then), withdrew for family issues.
  • Started his own Company, Software Workshop, in 1995 after being fired (first time ever) as a ‘whistle blower’ on a nuclear submarine contract.
  • Founded AKidsRight.Org to support Family Law reform and Moms & Dads struggling to be equal parents in their children’s lives. Peaceful demonstrations for reform and multiple arrests for minor violations (almost all dismissed). Watch this brief video to see his typical actions, very different than the protesters you see on TV.
  • Local politics, Lyons NY – joined and helped local citizen’s group to promote dissolution of the village and merge with the town to reduce our local tax burden. It was a success.
  • Software Engineer work for a Green Energy Company (SaveEnergySystems.com) and currently for AT&T Labs Research.
  • Spare time: Enjoys working in his vegetable garden, home improvement projects with his son, and giving people rides in gliders (He is a commercial pilot and flight instructor).

Here is his most recent business resume