About John

Click here for a first person bio to understand his life decisions, achievements, and disappointments – he’s been there like many of us!

For those in a hurry, a quick list of bullets below.

  • Child of Italian immigrant parents, born & raised in Lyons, NY. Academic honors and Senior Class President.
  • Cum Laude Graduate of the USAF Academy, 1978. B.S. Astronautical Engineering. Went to Fort Benning and earned his Army Airborne jump wings.
  • Earned his pilot wings and became an Instructor Pilot in the T-37 jet at Columbus AFB, MS.
  • Left USAF in 1984 to care for elderly parents (John’s Dad was 64 when he was born!).
  • Completed classes at LeMoyne College for a total of 20 hrs of academic work in Philosophy while participating in a pre-seminary program for the Catholic Priesthood. Good experience, but he wanted a family.
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University, 1986.
  • Volunteer work (to present date) bringing meals to the “Oxford Inn”, now the Catholic Charities Men’s shelter in Syracuse. Recent local news video.
  • Software Engineer for General Electric, Martin Marietta.
  • Married in 1987, son Domenic born in 1993, divorced in 1998. Lived in Onondaga County.
    1994 began a run for US Congress in Syracuse (as a Democrat back then), withdrew for family issues.
  • Started his own Company, Software Workshop, in 1995 after being fired (first time ever) as a ‘whistle blower’ on a nuclear submarine contract.
  • Founded AKidsRight.Org to support Family Law reform and Moms & Dads struggling to be equal parents in their children’s lives. Peaceful demonstrations for reform and multiple arrests for minor violations (almost all dismissed).
  • Local politics, Lyons NY – joined and helped local citizen’s group to promote dissolution of the village and merge with the town to reduce our local tax burden. It was a success.
  • Software Engineer work for a Green Energy Company (SaveEnergySystems.com) and currently for AT&T Labs Research.
  • Spare time: Enjoys working in his vegetable garden, home improvement projects with his son, and giving people rides in gliders (He is a commercial pilot and a CFII).

Here is his most recent business resume