Parental rights activist wants to challenge Rep. John Katko in GOP primary – Syracuse Post Standard

This story ran on Sep 21st. Brief excerpt below. Read the full article by Mark Weiner.

A Wayne County man upset with Rep. John Katko’s vote to impeach Donald Trump has filed as a candidate to challenge the congressman in a GOP primary election next year.

John Murtari, 64, a software engineer from Lyons, declared his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission last month. The move allows him to begin raising money through a campaign committee.

Murtari has attracted attention as an activist in the past. He was sentenced to six months in jail in 2006 for failing to pay child support. A judge offered him probation, but he chose jail as a protest over New York’s divorce and custody laws…. Read the full article by Mark Weiner.

John corrects a line in the article that he was “… arrested and charged with damaging government property for painting on the sidewalk in front of the James Hanley Federal Building …”

“I never ‘painted’ anything.  That would be bit destructive.  I used Kid’s Sidewalk Chalk on the ground around the Federal Building.  The point was to do something pretty harmless and not bother other people.

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